Catch Before You Fall

Widened black pupils

stare into the white

Tonight the tears of the moon

will seep into your crimson skin


Save it.

Before your eyes close

and white becomes empty.




Every night before I sleep, I take a deep breath and tell myself: 

When you close your eyes, it will be dark. No one will tug you in anymore, because you’re big enough now to sing yourself to sleep. You’ll hear voices that aren’t sweet humming, but you will be strong and go to sleep. You might be afraid, but after a little while if you sing loud enough in your heart the cries will fade. Be brave and be calm, you’ve done this before. It didn’t use to be easier, but you know how to stop. Nightmares aren’t real, so put them aside. The past cannot hurt you once you step in to fight. Don’t tamper with temper, and don’t bury in fear. Tomorrow’s sunshine is already here.